Believing Prayer Is An Extremely Powerful Thing!


Believing Prayer is very powerful in the life of a Christian, but so many times we don’t use it the way we should.

Yes, we do pray if someone is sick or has some other need, and many times we will pray sacrificially, even fasting for a time.

Then when the critical time has passed, we tend to get back into our old habit and let prayer slip into the background until there is another urgent need.

The children of Israel tended to do the same thing. They wanted to do their own thing until they got into a jam, then they would call out to God and ask Him to save them. Because of His great mercy He sent a deliverer to get them out of their mess over and over again before they were finally subdued and taken away to a foreign country.


The Book of Judges sets out the pattern the Israelites followed:

  • Israel “does evil in the eyes of Yahweh (God)”
  • The people are given into the hands of their enemies, realize what they’ve done, and cry out to God for help
  • God raises up a leader from one of the tribes and places His Spirit upon him in a mighty way
  • The leader, with God’s help, defeats the enemy
  • They had peace for the lifetime of that leader, then quickly relapsed into doing evil again and repeated the same pattern over and over again


Judges tells the story of 6 leaders, or judges as they were called, whom God used to deliver Israel from other nations around them who were greatly oppressing them:



Deborah and Barak served together




There were others who presided over legal hearings, keeping justice, etc., but the above also served in the capacity of military leaders to free Israel from oppressing nations.


We think sometimes that God is just sitting there waiting to zap us the first time we mess up. He gave the Israelites chances for many years before He finally pronounced judgment on them for their sins of disobedience. And then their judgment was not nearly as severe as they deserved. Many of them had it so good that they chose not to come back to Jerusalem when they had the chance years later. They chose to stay in a foreign country.

Just like you want to spend time with a spouse or loved one, God wants you to spend time with Him each day. He has so many awesome things He wants to show you, but you have to read the Bible and communicate with Him in order to find out His truths.

Faith is not a creation of the intellect, but of the human spirit. When you believe in your heart, your spirit acts upon the word and it is that kind of believing and faith that moves God.

We as humans can only see the things that are before us, but God can see the whole picture and how everything fits together. He knows exactly how He will answer every prayer that we bring before Him, and He answers every one in a way that will be the best for us.

I encourage you to start with a few minutes of REAL prayer each day where you truly get alone with God, pray for the needs of others, and that God will do miracles in your church and family. He wants to work in your life in a dramatic way.

BUT… you have to start somewhere.

Start your first 5 minutes a day in prayer, and then spend the next 5 reading your Bible. God will honor that time and your day will end up being much better because of it. JUST START… and see what God does from there!

Once you see His Character and how He works, your time with Him will be so precious that you will never want to miss it for other things that are much less valuable.

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God has radically changed my life, and I want to share the awesome things I am learning with you. I have found that the Holy Spirit is an awesome teacher when I listen to, obey, and apply what He teaches to my life.


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