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Following God Is Simpler Than You Might Think

following god is simple

The Holy Spirit made me realize that most Christians have made Christianity way too complicated. It might be simple, but it is not always easy.


He put a powerful word in my heart that it is very simple to follow God:

First, you learn to hear what God says

Then, you walk in obedience to that word.

He will never lead you wrong and you will always be using your time in the wisest way.


Many Christians feel that they must be busy doing something that is religious or God won’t be pleased with them.

I know I used to feel that way. The first time the Holy Spirit instructed me not to take part in a major yearly event in the church, I was consumed with guilt. I won’t name it because then some of you might get the idea that it was the specific event that was wrong. The event was not wrong at all, but God had other plans for my life that week, and He revealed Himself to me in a way that I have never forgotten.

Sometimes I think that He just wants to see if we will obey Him – PERIOD, end of story. He also wants to see if we can just “be still and listen” to what He has to say. Sometimes He has to go to drastic measures to get our attention. When the Israelites were in the wilderness, when the Cloud that was over the Tabernacle moved, they were to pack all their belongings and follow it until it stopped. Then they were to set up camp again.

I’m sure they couldn’t always see the logic in where they stopped, but God was trying to teach them to have an ultimate obedience in Him.

Don’t get the idea that you should just not participate in an event because you don’t want to and say that God told you not to do it. I found out that some things happened that week that were not pleasing at all to God, and I think He may have wanted to spare me some stress and extra pain. He knew beforehand that all those things would happen.

Through the years I have found that if I walk each day with the three things above in mind, my days will definitely go much smoother. Then when I lay down to go to sleep, I have the definite assurance that what I have done has really counted for the Kingdom of God.

Try it and see what God does in your life!

This post written by Cathy Deaton.

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