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Infographic – The Requirements For True Revival

The requirements for true revival for a church or individual are found in II Chronicles 7: 14. God wants to see just how much you desire to know Him.


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II Chronicles 7: 14 contains some interesting points:

You are God’s Child if you have asked Jesus to become your Savior and you believe that He is the only way to Heaven; only then can you call Him by name and be one of  His People.

God always has conditions for His Blessings. He promises to do His part if you promise to do yours.

Below are His conditions:

shall humble themselves




seek my face


turn from their wicked ways

In the Greek, the AND connecting all these verses means you must do ALL of them, not just choose the ones you want to do and leave the others out.

Then God says after His Requirements are met, He will hear your request, forgive your sin, and bring healing and restoration.

You have to really want revival in your own life and in your church before God will send it. If you are tired of  living a powerless Christian life, make the choice to meet the requirements of this verse. God will reveal Himself to you in a marvelous way.

Don’t settle for powerlessness in your Christian life any longer.

This post written by Cathy Deaton.

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