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The Great Lesson John Hyde Learned About Prayer


When I read this story, the Holy Spirit showed me that too many times I have prayed in the same way John Hyde was about to pray. He was about to say words to describe the situation as he saw it. But if he had said the word he intended, it would have hindered God from sending a personal revival and blessing to someone who needed it desperately.

It’s very easy to see how another person has become prideful, bitter, disillusioned, unforgiving, etc. But we tend to forget that God loves that person just as much as He loves us. He desires to bless their life, too, so they can walk in and receive His Best. It is true that Satan is able to use some people to cause great grief and chaos in the lives of others. And sometimes those people will never change, but they will never have peace and joy, and I think deep down we all want to live a blessed life.

But as Christians God calls us to approach things in a different way. The Holy Spirit has shown me that instead of speaking how I feel at that moment, I should ask the Holy Spirit to show me how to pray for the person or situation. I’m sure what He tells me to say will be different than the words I would have used, but praying the way God desires me to pray will free Him to work both in my life and in the life of the other person.

The Christian life should be about finding out what God desires, and deciding to do it His Way.

Hyde’s Lesson

John Hyde (1865-1912) was a missionary to India who became so far-famed for his effective and powerful praying that he is known to history as Praying Hyde. He once told of the “most salutary” lesson the Lord ever taught him about prayer.

It occurred while he was praying for a national pastor in India, a man who was both having, and causing, problems.

Hyde began his prayer, “O God, Thou knowest this brother, how —” He was going to say “cold,” when suddenly he was smitten in his spirit. A voice seemed to whisper sharply to him, “He that touches him touches the apple of my eye.”

A great horror swept over Hyde, and he felt he had been guilty before God of “accusing the brethren.”

Falling to his knees, Hyde confessed his own sin, and he remembered the words of Paul, that we should think on things that are lovely and good. “Father,” cried Hyde, “show me what things are lovely and of good report in my brother’s life.”

Like a flash, Hyde remembered the many sacrifices this pastor had made for the Lord, how he had given up all for Christ, how he had suffered deeply for Christ. He thought of the many years of difficult labor this man had invested in the kingdom and the wisdom with which he had resolved congregational conflict. Hyde remembered the man’s devotion to his wife and family, and how he had provided a model to the church of godly husbanding.

John Hyde spent his prayer time that day praising the Lord for this brother’s faithfulness.

Shortly afterward, Hyde journeyed into the plains to see this pastor, and he learned that the man had just received a great spiritual uplift, as if a personal revival had refreshed hs heart like a springtime breeze.

While Hyde had been praising, God had been blessing.

This post written by Cathy Deaton.

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