Do Not Let Satan Devour You!


I Peter 5: 8

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.

The picture below is a fish instead of a lion, but it makes a dramatic point as to the fact that Satan is always looking for a way to bring you down.

That is why the Bible says the Christian must always be on the lookout for his methods of deception. God has given instructions as to how to defeat Satan, but you must be obedient to what He says. An example of this would be His teaching on anxiety, fear, and worry in Matthew 6: 24-34.

You have the choice to entertain them and open the door for Satan to wreak havoc, or you can choose to trust God to take care of the situation and have victory over the flesh. You must stand on the truth even though your feelings might tell you something completely different. You can always trust the Word of God over what your flesh tells you.

Another thing I noticed in the picture is that the people in the boat are concentrating on the fin, while the humongous fish is right beneath them waiting for the opportune time to strike. They don’t realize that the danger is much closer than they think.

That is what Satan does; he tries to get your mind off the larger thing by getting you to focus on something much smaller that you think is not an immediate threat.

It is not always an easy thing to determine in your heart that you will stand on the truths of the Bible, but it is easy to convince yourself that your strong feelings must be right. Don’t give yourself any other option except pure truth.

Ask God to give you the faith to think the right thoughts, say the right words, and stand wholeheartedly on His promises. As your faith increases, you will be able to stand against the wiles of Satan through the power of Jesus. Let Him give you the strength to walk each day in victory.

Don’t settle for anything less than the Power of God in your life!

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God has radically changed my life, and I want to share the awesome things I am learning with you. I have found that the Holy Spirit is an awesome teacher when I listen to, obey, and apply what He teaches to my life.


This post written by Cathy Deaton.

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2 Responses to Do Not Let Satan Devour You!

  1. Yet another great post. Sometimes it is so hard to look at things that are of Heaven, but being a mere mortal I can only fall and pick myself up again, with God’s help!

    This entry makes me think about the choices that I would make in the future, thank you!

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My name is Cathy Deaton, Owner of Fan the Flame Ministries. God has radically changed my life, and He has shown me that I am to share the awesome things I am learning with the Millennial Generation (1981 – 1996), but I love connecting with Christians of all ages.  I have found that the Holy Spirit is an awesome teacher when I listen to, obey, and apply what He teaches to my life. You truly can make a difference for God in an uncertain world.