Don’t be a Whiner and Complainer like the Israelites were!

It is easy to put down the Israelites and say how selfish and shallow they were because of the way they acted in the wilderness. They had witnessed more astounding miracles in a short time than most of us may see in a lifetime, yet they still found it hard to believe that God could and would take care of them. They certainly had trouble believing that He had wonderful plans for their future and wanted to bless them immensely.

All they could see is where they had come from. Even though they had been slaves under horrible circumstances, they still preferred it to what they had at the moment. They felt that at least they knew what to expect in Egypt; now they had no clue where they were going or what would happen, so it was very easy for them to whine and complain about everything they thought was going wrong.

Yes, they did have to live in tents for a time, but God miraculously fed and clothed them, and provided for all their needs. He also intervened in such a way that the Egyptians gave them silver, gold, and other valuable things such as animals before they left, so they were not poor by any means. In fact, after their departure Egypt was crippled economically for quite a while.

They had a very hard time seeing God as a loving Father that wanted to give them His Very Best if only they would trust Him and wait for it. His plan was to show them that He could abundantly meet every circumstance or need that ever arose in their life. He just wanted to show them who He was; then they would have no trouble depending on Him to meet their needs. God wanted to reveal His Glory to them to change their hearts and lives forever.

This cartoon is funny, but at the same time it is very sad. I have heard numerous pastors say the hardest part of their job is listening to people who whine and complain because they don’t get their way about something. They talk about the fact that they have to spend most of their time babysitting Christians who should be much stronger in their faith.

Every verse in the Bible has been put there by God for a reason and is totally relevant to you today.

God wanted to give us the whole story of the Israelites as they went from slaves in Egypt to their own glorious land of Canaan. He shows us the mistakes they made as well as the times they trusted Him completely. We can learn from their mistakes and determine that we will not make the same ones.

You may right now be at the point where you don’t exactly know where God is leading you, but He wants you to learn to trust Him completely with your life. He can see the whole picture, and He knows just how He will lead and deliver you in every set of circumstances.

You can’t see into the UNKNOWN, but God sees it perfectly. Trust Him to show you the way.

Are you a whiner and complainer?
Are you a whiner and complainer?
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