Don’t Let Leaven Have Devastating Effects In Your Life


Bad Leaven can corrupt your life if you allow it.

Definition of Leaven

Various substances were known to have fermenting qualities; but the ordinary leaven consisted of a lump of old dough in a high state of fermentation, which was mixed into the mass of dough prepared for baking. The use of leaven was strictly forbidden in all offerings made to the Lord by fire. During the Passover the Jews were commanded to put every particle of leaven from the house.

The most prominent idea associated with leaven in connection with the corruption which it had undergone, and which it communicated to bread in the process of fermentation. It is to this property of leaven that our Saviour points when he speaks of the “leaven (i.e. the corrupt doctrine) of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees,” and St. Paul, when he speaks of the “old leaven.”

Another quality in leaven is noticed in the Bible, namely, its secretly penetrating and diffusive power. In this respect it was emblematic of moral influence generally, whether good or bad; and hence our Saviour adopts it as illustrating the growth of the kingdom of heaven in the individual heart and in the world at large: because

(1)              its source is from without;

(2)              it is secret in its operation;

(3)              it spreads by contact of particle with particle;

(4)              it is widely diffusive, one particle of leaven being able to change any number of particles of flour; and because

(5)              it does not act like water, moistening a certain amount of flour, but is like a plant, changing the particles it comes in contact with into its own nature, with like propagating power.

(from Smith Bible Dictionary)


I find this whole definition to be very interesting, but I especially find the last five definitions to be very revealing. Jesus wanted them to understand very clearly what was at stake when they let the small things go unchecked in their lives.

They were even forbidden to use leaven in their bread during the Passover celebration to remind them of its power to change the bread even though the lump of leaven might be very small.


This is why we as Christians must be very careful as to the small things we let enter into our lives.

It can seem easier to adapt and adjust to something that seems minor rather than take the time and expend the energy to confront or change it.

Satan knows this and is a master at covering up the truth. He knows if he throws something large upon us, we will recognize it is wrong immediately and reject it. But many times we think of a small thing as being only a minor inconvenience and easily let it go without dealing with it.

Just as it took only a small amount of leaven to penetrate and raise the dough, so can a tiny piece of corrupted leaven change your life for the worse.

Satan will always try to get you to compromise the truth, so be on guard so he cannot get you off-track with small and “seemingly harmless” things that he will convince you don’t matter in the long run.

If you have accepted Jesus as the Only Way to Heaven, the Holy Spirit lives inside you right now and is waiting for you to ask for discernment and wisdom each day. God wants you to live a victorious Christian life so that He can use you in a mighty way to serve Him.

Don’t let leaven have a secretly penetrating and diffusive power in your life – EVER.



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