Don’t Let The Actions Of Others Drag You Down

A Successful Person

I came across this quote a few months ago. It made an impression on me to the point that I made this motivational poster for it and stuck it in my office. A truly successful person must be able to concentrate on what they are called to do without getting distracted by others.

For most of my life I have been a people pleaser. In time that puts a huge amount of stress on you, because there is no way to please everybody and stay true to your own values and beliefs. You are torn between doing what you know is right and the guilt that you feel because you didn’t agree with or had to say “no” to somebody. I have had guilt for hours and even days over making decisions like this.

I felt this immense guilt even though I knew that I was making the right decision and saving myself a lot of heartache down the road. It took me a good while to be able to say “no” and not feel guilty about it.

Now if a person asks me to do a particular thing, I tell them I will pray about it and get back to them. Then I DO ask God to show me the answer. I don’t just make a decision based on how I personally feel at the time.

If the answer turns out to be “no”, I tell them that I have prayed and don’t feel that God wants me to take on the particular thing now. If the answer is “yes” then I can pursue it with passion, because I know God will give me whatever it takes to do that thing successfully and I won’t get burned out after a short time.

I have found that “burnout” comes from taking on too many things that you shouldn’t be doing in the first place. Then you struggle trying to get everything done that you were not supposed to do anyway. You get frustrated because you think of all the time you are spending on these projects when you could be doing something that you enjoy and is more fulfilling.

This brings me to the last part of the quote.

I think about the many kinds of bricks that people will try to throw at you. They don’t always agree with what you feel called to do, and many times don’t want to see past their own need. It is at this point that you have to decide whether you will stay true to your own convictions or be tossed around by the opinions of others. A person can never be truly successful who changes his mind every time someone has a different opinion or just because he wants to please them.

God wants to use every Christian in some way. Each one is responsible to find what that plan is and carry it forth, knowing that God will give them the strength to do it. When you do find out His plan, don’t let the opinions of others keep you from carrying that plan forth.

I know that many times God does send other people to give you a word of encouragement, call you to accountability, or be an answer to prayer. I am not talking about these kinds of situations; I am talking about when you know that you have heard from God, and others are trying to drag you down because they don’t understand.

First, make totally sure that you have heard from God

Then, believe what He told you with all your heart and carry it out

Lastly, don’t let others keep you from doing what God told you to do

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