God loves people and cats!

My friends Milton and Earleen are animal lovers in the trust sense of the word. They believe strongly in prayer and turn to God for every need in their life whether it be large or small. They literally pray about everything, which is what the Bible tells us to do.

They have 5 cats and 2 dogs that are a part of their household. This post is about Little Bit. She just came into their yard one day when she was a tiny kitten. She was terrified of everyone and everything and for a few days they really didn’t know what she was. All they could see was a flash running to hide when they came near.

They had to put out her food and hide to watch her eat, and it took several weeks for her to come near them. Gradually she started to be more friendly, but never got to the point where she would jump into their lap and love on them like most cats would. They could let her in the house for awhile and pet her, though. She still does not like to be around strangers.

Little Bit playing outside

In time, she became more comfortable around all the other cats and dogs and started to fit into everyday life. She played, slept, and liked to hunt mice.

The ‘liking to hunt mice’ is what got her into trouble.

On January 21, 2008 she was out hunting for mice. She climbed up into a trailer to catch one that she heard running around. The bad thing about doing that was there is a boat on it that is turned upside down and covered with a tarp for protection from the weather. The boat was hanging off the edge of the trailer just enough that she could climb inside to go after the mouse.

The seat is made so that you can lift it up for storage inside. Since the boat was upside down, the top of the seat had swung open. Little Bit could push through it to get to the mouse, but when she tried to get out it wouldn’t swing back the other way.

It had been covered tightly with a tarp and even had stakes driven in the ground so it could not blow off.

Now back to Milton and Earleen – they always look for all the cats every night to make sure they are back at the house. Two of them stay inside, but the other 3 stay out during the day and sleep on the back porch at night.

Little Bit had not come up by dark, so they looked and called for her until late in the night. They even walked through the woods around the house, but never found her. They were both extremely upset. In the days that followed, Earleen thought she heard her several times, but because the tarp was over the boat, her cry was muffled and she thought it was coming from somewhere down in the woods. She would walk all over the woods, but never found her.

Naturally, they started praying for her right from the start. At first they prayed to find her; then as the days rolled on they prayed that if she was alive God would protect her and if not, that they might somehow find her in order to bury her. They thought that maybe some coyotes or wild dogs had attacked her in the woods, but they just wanted to have closure.

They prayed numerous times every day for the whole time she was gone, knowing that God cares when they hurt and that everything that is important to them is also important to Him.

On the 20th day of the absence of Little Bit, Milton was working outside and heard her faint cry as he passed by the boat. He got very excited and quickly called Earleen. They uncovered the boat and out shot Little Bit like a bullet. She had lived 20 days in almost complete darkness without any food or water. She had also lived in maybe a 4 feet by 3 feet space for all that time. This is where she was trapped:

Little Bit the Cat trapped here for 20 days

She was trapped on this end of the boat. The trailer has three sides, and the boat was just slipped onto the trailer.

Little Bit the Cat climbed into boat and got trapped

She climbed into the boat here and couldn’t get out. I wonder if she has nightmares after that ordeal. I’m just glad the tarp didn’t completely cover the whole boat and trailer, but I think God had to take care of giving her enough air to last for 20 days.

She had been a “fat cat” before she went after the mouse. Now she was extremely skinny but seemed to be alive and well, and ate a huge meal.

It is a true miracle that a cat lived 20 days with no water at all and still had the energy to run out from under the boat. She knows that Milton and Earleen saved her and now she lets them pick her up, hold her, and love on her.

They know that God answered their prayers and protected the cat that they love. They were also excited to tell all their friends about the wonderful thing that had happened, and they gave him all the glory.

God truly wants to bless His children and He always wants the very best for them.

To me, this story is a very good example of Who God Is. He is not just waiting for His Children to do wrong so that He can ZAP! them to keep them in line. He truly wants to give them His Very Best.

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