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II Kings 19:7

NAS – I will put a spirit in him so that he will hear a rumor

AMP – Behold I will send (to give) a blast (a breath that is a sensible or violent exaltation) upon him and he shall hear (to hear intelligently with attention and obedience) a rumor (report, announcement) and shall return (to turn back or retreat) and will cause him to fall by the sword in his own land.


In order to understand the significance of verse 7, we need to go back a bit and find out the reason God would need to say these words. God wanted to bless His Chosen people Israel to show the heathen nations around them that He was the One True God who could handle every circumstance and problem they might ever have.


All God wanted was for them to put Him first in everything they did; they would then stay close to Him for a time, then start a period of falling away which ended in severe consequences for them until they cried out and received another deliverer.


In fact, they had rebelled so many times against God that they had been divided into the Northern and Southern Kingdoms with different kings for each. The Northern Kingdom was captured and lost their freedom several years before the Southern Kingdom.


So now we come to Hezekiah, who was the king of Judah, the Southern Kingdom. He was 25 when he became king and ruled for 29 years. He obeyed God and was completely faithful to Him and God made him successful in everything he did, because he got rid of all the heathen idols and anything else that had been used for heathen worship.


He brought Judah back to a point of total worship and consecration to God.


But by his fourteenth year as king, Hezekiah was starting to fall away from God and Assyria came against Judah. The Assyrians had conquered almost all the nations around them, and from a human standpoint victory looked eminent for them. Since Hezekiah had fallen away from being totally consecrated to God, it was easy for him to believe that Judah could be beaten. He sent a message telling the king of Assyria that Judah would pay handsomely if they would stop their attack.


The king demanded 11 tons of silver and a ton of gold. To get up the amount, Hezekiah ended up taking all the silver from the house of the Lord and all the treasure from the king’s house. He also cut off the gold from the door of the temple and the gold that overlaid the doorposts.


The messengers from Assyria had been sent to intimidate the Israelites into an easy surrender, and these are their words: “Listen carefully to the words of The Great King, the king of Assyria: Don’t let Hezekiah fool you; he can’t save you. And don’t let Hezekiah give you that line about trusting in God, telling you, ‘God will save us—this city will never be abandoned to the king of Assyria.’ Don’t listen to Hezekiah—he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Listen to the king of Assyria—deal with me and live the good life; I’ll guarantee everyone your own plot of ground—a garden and a well! I’ll take you to a land sweeter by far than this one, a land of grain and wine, bread and vineyards, olive orchards and honey. You only live once—so live, really live!


“No. Don’t listen to Hezekiah. Don’t listen to his lies, telling you ‘God will save us.’ Has there ever been a god anywhere who delivered anyone from the king of Assyria? Where are the gods of Hamath and Arpad? Where are the gods of Sepharvaim, Hena, and Ivvah? And Samaria—did their gods save them? Can you name a god who saved anyone anywhere from me, the king of Assyria? So what makes you think that God can save Jerusalem from me?” II Kings 18: 29-35


It certainly looked like Assyria had the upper hand and Judah would be carried off as Israel had been years before that.


When the messengers from Hezekiah heard the news, they ripped their robes in despair and told the King what had been said.


When Hezekiah heard, he too ripped his clothes and dressed in rough burlap, sent word to the prophet Isaiah and told him everything that had happened; they then asked Isaiah to lift up prayers for them and asked God to send a miracle.


Isaiah answered them, “Tell your master, ‘God‘s word: Don’t be at all concerned about what you’ve heard from the king of Assyria’s bootlicking errand boys—these outrageous blasphemies. Here’s what I’m going to do: Afflict him with self-doubt. He’s going to hear a rumor and, frightened for his life, retreat to his own country. Once there, I’ll see to it that he gets killed.


To make matters worse, right after the word from God, Sennacherib once again threatened Judah by reminding them that not one country had been able to win against them and Israel would not be the first.


Hezekiah went to the temple and cried out to God, praying fervently for victory.


God responded back to Hezekiah through Isaiah again by reaffirming that He would truly fight for them and that Assyria would be doomed.


That very night an Angel of God came and massacred 185,000 Assyrians. When the people of Jerusalem got up the next morning, they saw a whole camp of corpses. The Assyrian king managed to escape, but it had been already prophesied by Isaiah that he would be killed. One day when he was worshiping in the temple, his own sons murdered him, thus ending his reign of terror.


God was totally true to His Word and gave Judah an awesome victory without them ever having to physically fight at all.


Many times God speaks a word of victory in the midst of a situation that looks absolutely and utterly impossible. You must decide if you will believe God or what you might be physically seeing or hearing at the time.


The next time you are faced with a situation that looks physically impossible, will you turn to the same God who delivered Hezekiah and the people of Judah in such a dramatic way?


Let’s start to be a people of God who believe what the Bible says so much that God has no other choice but to honor His Word. That’s the way He wants us to live each day. He can see the future, and we can certainly trust a God who always has our best interest at heart.

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