How To Know For Sure When It’s Time To Leave A Situation

let God show you when and how to leave

To know when and how to leave is just as important as knowing God has told you to leave.

There are some things that happen in your life that make a dramatic impact. In fact, years later they are almost as vivid in your memory as the time in which they happened.

God chose this way to teach me a huge lesson. I don’t believe I will forget this lesson easily because it affected me both physically and mentally in a huge way. It took me several months to fully recover from a physical and mental standpoint. I didn’t require hospitalization or professional therapy to recover, but I certainly did a lot of praying for God to restore my health.

Thankfully He answered my prayer. In fact, as I look back on what happened I believe He must have protected my health and well being much more than I will ever know. And He did it all because of His Mercy and Grace, not because I did anything to deserve it.


God can tell you to start doing a particular thing according to His Timing, and He can also tell you to stop doing that thing when the time for doing it has ended.

But if you are like me, you get so involved in the doing that you never think about stopping. So sometimes God has to give you a push to stop one thing so He can lead you to start something better.

The year 2013 and the first half of 2014 were some of the toughest months I have ever had from a spiritual standpoint. All 18 of these months were filled with a good deal of emotion, but for 7 of them I lived in a state of adrenalin that you know cannot be good for you when it is your constant companion for months. I slept 4-5 hours most nights because of the stress. That in itself affects you mentally and physically without any other stressful things being present, and I definitely had other stressful things to deal with.

I have never been a chronic worrier or pessimistic person, so this was something I had never dealt with on a long-term basis. Even though I prayed hard, things didn’t seem to change. And even worse, I couldn’t seem to get past all the stress and back to my normal optimistic state.

But ultimately I found that my responsibility is obedience to what God has told me to do – no matter how things turn out. And I found that with that obedience came a great peace about the situation in the months that followed.

Sometimes God allows you to see some spiritual things in hindsight so the lesson truly sinks in to the core of your being. And after this time, God allowed me to see 3 truths so clearly that it radically changed my life in those particular areas.


The first lesson the Holy Spirit revealed was:

Pride and justification go hand in hand when you refuse to see the truth.

You can justify almost anything if you try hard enough. But if you must go through the trouble to justify what you have done so you can feel better about yourself, what you did was wrong.

But the Holy Spirit also showed me that when I know I have done the right thing, even though someone else has told me I am wrong, I can still have peace because I know I have walked in obedience to God.

It was a powerful thing to be able to see both sides from a spiritual standpoint. I also saw that though I didn’t try to justify my actions in this instance, I have been guilty of doing it other times in the past.

Walking in obedience and being open to see truth about yourself can be very powerful but also very painful. God is constantly in the process of getting rid of the dross that drags us down and keeps us from reflecting the pure gold of His Presence in our lives.


The second lesson the Holy Spirit revealed was:

God might tell me to do something HARD, but HE WILL give me all the supernatural strength I need to accomplish what He desires.

There are Christians throughout history whom God used greatly, but what He told them to do was not easy – in fact most of the time it was HARD.

BUT WHAT GOD DID was give them the supernatural strength to accomplish what looked like an impossible task – and it would have been impossible to accomplish without God’s strength and power working through and in them.

From my own experience, I think they were extremely miserable until they committed in their heart to START this hard job God had given them. There must be a resolve and commitment to START before you experience the supernatural strength and anointing that God will give you to do the job.

For me personally it has been something like: “OK God, I make the choice to be obedient to what you have told me to do.” When you say this and truly mean it, the Holy Spirit from that moment starts to bring about a change in your thinking.

The best way I know to describe it is: you have either always thought about something one way or never even thought about it before; but now it becomes an integral part of your life and is so important that you know it is something you MUST DO and give great priority to doing it.

From personal experience I can tell you:

God will supernaturally give you the power to do whatever it is He has called you to do.

I am very thankful for those people down through history who allowed God to use them to bring about huge spiritual change. And I am extremely thankful that they didn’t give up, but stayed faithful to God through everything they had to endure. My life is better because of their sacrifice.

I KNOW without a doubt…that God’s supernatural power is there when you can’t feel or see it, and even when you feel no one understands or cares.

BUT…when He has said “time’s up” and you “know-that-you-know-that-you-know” (my term for being absolutely sure God has told me something) that He has released you from the situation – it’s also time to walk in obedience and leave the situation.


The third and hardest lesson I learned was:

When God has said it’s time to leave, ask Him to show you the right time, and then walk in obedience to what He says. And do it even if others don’t always agree or understand.

The situation I have described had nothing to do with my personal life and family. But because of certain other circumstances I continued to stay for 2 months and 10 days after I knew God had released me to leave the situation.

At the time I couldn’t see this truth, but I was so emotionally and physically exhausted that I never asked the Holy Spirit to show me HOW and WHEN to leave. (When I asked for answers, the Holy Spirit showed me this without a doubt.)

Now I see that Satan set a trap and I fell into it completely. After God has released you from a situation, it is of great importance that you get total clarity as to the time you should leave.


  • Knowing for certain that God has told you to leave is 1/2 the answer
  • And finding the right time and way to leave is the other 1/2 of the answer
  • Make sure you know both answers before you take action


God does give extreme supernatural strength to stay in a bad situation, but I found out that He doesn’t have to continue to give that supernatural strength if you make the decision on your own to stay longer than He desires.

I didn’t realize how much Supernatural Strength God had given me to stay, so therefore I didn’t realize that when I continued to stay in the situation in my own power I was now ON MY OWN. I guess you could say I was a “sitting duck” for Satan to wreak havoc in my life – and that he did very well.

Don’t let fleshly circumstances dictate your actions. Make sure you have heard from God and then walk in obedience to that word.

Yes, some people will try to make you feel guilty about leaving a situation because they don’t approve. But I found out the hard way that if I know I am being obedient to God, He is the only one I need to please. Others don’t know the plans God has for my life because He doesn’t have to tell them – only me. I found that sometimes others just want me to keep doing something because it makes life easier for them.


So when you feel God has released you from a situation:

  1. Make absolutely sure that it is Him talking and not you just trying to justify things so you can handle the situation the way you desire.
  2. Next, make sure you ask Him WHEN and HOW you are to leave.
  3. When you know-that-you-know-that-you-know God has given you the answer, walk in obedience to it.


No, others won’t always understand. But I have learned the hard way that it is much more important to make sure you are walking in obedience to God.

He WILL give you the supernatural strength to do what He has called you to do. Your job is to seek guidance from the Holy Spirit each day and walk in obedience to what He says.

God has a great plan for your future, and He will bring it about because you are obedient to walk in the guidance the Holy Spirit gives.

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