If God Is The Water, Is Your Spiritual Faucet Open or Closed?



God is the water; you are the faucet. Marianne Williamson

This is a very powerful quote and an awesome word picture. It perfectly describes a life greatly used by God.

If we choose to keep the faucet totally open at all times, it means we desire His plans over our own. If you have never done this before, it might seem like you are taking several steps backward.

But I can assure you God’s plans for your life are much greater and more awesome than yours ever could be. This life is merely preparation for living eternally in Heaven. Many times we make decisions either to please other people or just because we want to be seen as a success in the eyes of the world.

But Heaven is forever and ever, and what we do here is preparing us for what we will do in Heaven.

Even if we live to be 100, what is that compared to an eternity of forever and ever?

Many times I can look back and see where I have not done what I felt led to do by God because others either didn’t agree or couldn’t see how important it was and greatly discouraged me.

Sometimes God tells you to hard things, but I have found that He will always give you the courage, understanding, strength, and endurance to do whatever He has called you to do. You CAN DO IT if you depend on Him.

Many times we believe in God and KNOW He is real, but we never trust Him enough to see that He only desires the VERY BEST for our lives and continually works to bring it to pass.

God chooses to use us humans to work through. But it is our choice as to how much we allow or deny Him to work supernaturally.

We have the choice of keeping the faucet wide open, closing it half-way, or closing it all the way.

It probably won’t be an easy decision to allow God to have control, but you can make the decision to take the first step. Once you start to see Him work in ways you could never have orchestrated on your own, you will see that you really can trust God to always have your best interest at heart.

Make the choice each day to keep your faucet wide open so God can use you in ways you never imagined. I can promise you won’t be bored!

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God has radically changed my life, and I want to share the awesome things I am learning with you. I have found that the Holy Spirit is an awesome teacher when I listen to, obey, and apply what He teaches to my life.


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