Let The Holy Spirit Fill Your Daily Calendar. Don’t Just Do “Stuff”!


I have been a Christian since early childhood and have been in church all my life. I knew about God and I truly thought I was serving Him by being involved in activities in the church, community, school, and whatever else came along that I thought was a good thing.

I got a wake-up call, though, when I got serious about reading my Bible and seeking God wholeheartedly. He revealed to me that many of those (what I thought were) great things I was doing were, in fact, not things I should be doing at all.

Basically, I was keeping extremely busy doing good things that God really didn’t want me to be doing.

These weren’t bad things. But God had His Plan for my life and wanted me to allow Him to start implementing it on a daily basis.

When your daily routine is one of being extremely busy all the time, it’s very hard to get quiet before God and wait for Him to tell you what to do next. I absolutely loved it when my calendar was filled and I had to work to fit everything in.

quote-dont be a people pleaser

 Because I was a huge people pleaser, it was very hard to stop doing all those things that had become my identity. 

But out of the quietness that God purposely brought into my life, I found that my constant busyness had prevented me from hearing Him much of the time. It was hard to quit doing “all my stuff,” but when I finally realized that God was trying to mature me instead of punish me, I started to embrace this new way of life.

Sometimes the only way God can get your attention is to interrupt your long list of things to do. For me, it meant that God started to deal with me about saying YES to everything. He started to make me miserable if I said Yes, when I knew deep down that I should say No.

I think sometimes God has to bring you to the point that you are far more miserable saying Yes than you feel guilt for saying No.

Satan is a master at making you feel guilt. If you are a person who is dedicated to follow through with your commitments, others will desire your help or leadership because they know they can depend on you to get the job done.

Dependable people are getting harder to find. Truth has started to become relevant to whatever one wants to make it, so more and more people don’t have a problem un-committing to something after they have already committed to do it. So if you are a person that always keeps your word, people will want you to either lead something or help with it.

But what people deem important is not always what God deems important.

You then have to make the choice as to whether you will please people or please God even though others might not understand. I have found that when God makes you miserable it is the miserablest of the miserablest. That’s not a real word, but you know what I mean if you are now or have ever been a people pleaser.

Knowing how miserable you will feel, can make it easier to tell others NO because you truly desire to follow God and He has not given you the liberty to say YES to this particular thing.

I don’t feel guilt anymore over saying NO. I ask God if it is something I should do, but if He says NO, I am at peace saying NO to the other person. I don’t feel guilt because I know God has other more important things for me to do, and they are things meant specifically for ME to do so that God can grow and mature me as a Christian.

As I have grown and matured in Christ, I have seen Him work in my life in dramatic ways. I never want to go back to doing something just because it is a good thing but might or might not be blessed by God.

I want to walk in obedience to God and have everything I do truly count for His Glory.

Now that is truly living – or at least it has been for me! I never want to go back to that person who does good works just to keep my calendar full.

God first and foremost wants a vital relationship with you. Once that relationship is in the right place, the things you do will be an overflow of your relationship with God.

Your life will still be busy, but now you will find that you will accomplish much more than you ever did on your own with your too-full to-do list and filled-up calendar.

Life is never boring when the Holy Spirit fills your daily calendar!

title-dont be a people pleaser

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