Make It A Point To Do Things God’s Way

God wants you to use His Strength, His Ability, and His Power so that HIS GLORY can be revealed in you.


I Corinthians 1: 27-29

27. For God selected (deliberately chose) what in the world is foolish to put the wise to shame, and what the world calls weak to put the strong to shame.

28. And God also selected (deliberately chose) what in the world is lowborn and insignificant and branded and treated with contempt, even the things that are nothing, that He might depose and bring to nothing the things that are,

29. So that no mortal man should [have pretense for glorying and] boast in the presence of God.


OH if we could only see things from God’s perspective. We certainly would trust Him much more than we do when He tells us to do something that seems hard.

He can see everything about your life – the most strength you are capable of having, the most endurance you can stand under pressure, how far your limits will reach in any given situation, and how much stamina you can have before you can’t take it anymore.

A good word picture would be a “stress test” (a medical test) that tells you the condition of your heart. You basically walk on an electronic treadmill exercise machine. The whole point is to try to keep up with the machine as it makes you walk faster and faster, walk uphill, then walk fast and uphill at the same time; you are hooked up to heart monitors the whole time to see how your heart is responding. If you can endure to the end, you definitely have a healthy heart.

God wants you to use His strength, ability and power to do what He has called you to do. In fact, He does not want you to be able to accomplish it on your own. He will tell you to do things you are not capable of doing so He can receive all the glory in what you are able to accomplish.

In the Bible, God consistently told people to do things they were totally incapable of doing on their own. They felt overwhelmed even thinking about how they would accomplish such huge undertakings. But God knew exactly what they could be capable of doing with HIS power and HIS strength added to their own.

He chose ordinary people like you and me who didn’t think of themselves as special in any way. They just had a heart that wanted to know and obey God, and He chose to use them in great and marvelous ways.

Vs. 25 says “…the foolish thing [that has its source in] God is wiser than men, and the weak thing [that springs] from God is stronger than men.

So how many times do we miss out on God’s way because we try to put Him in a box and expect Him to act in a way that is already familiar? What if He wants to do things in a new way? Will you be open to listen and obey?

Many of the Israelites missed Jesus because they were expecting a Savior in the form of a leader who would go to battle against their surrounding enemies and defeat them. God had worked in that way numerous times before, but this time He had in mind a much better and different plan.

Will you open your mind and heart to hearing and obeying God even if He chooses to do things in a way that you have never imagined? Your life will definitely not be boring.

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God has radically changed my life, and I want to share the awesome things I am learning with you. I have found that the Holy Spirit is an awesome teacher when I listen to, obey, and apply what He teaches to my life.


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