My Dream That I’m Glad Wasn’t Real



I had a dream that I found a bag of some kind of really good candy or munchies in the back of  my cabinet. I was surprised to see it because I thought all the good treats had been eaten; I remember thinking what a pleasant surprise it was to find this nice treat.

I opened the bag and dug in without even looking at the contents. I must have been hungry because I had eaten a couple of bites when I had a thought that the contents tasted funny. I looked in the bag and saw all sorts of cob webs with several spiders running around, and then a huge cockroach popped its head out of the bag and stared at me as if it were flaunting the fact that I had eaten some of the gross stuff that was in the bag.

Now I was nauseated and certainly wasn’t hungry any longer. Earlier in the dream I had faintly felt something run up my arm but hadn’t bothered to see what it was because I so intent on enjoying my treat.

Now I knew that the something I felt on my arm had probably not been good and I ran to the mirror to see if I could see anything on my clothes. At that point I woke suddenly and was extremely thankful to still be in the bed and find that this was just a dream.

Immediately I started thinking about how I have done similar things in real life.  It is easy to plunge headlong into something that looks good without asking for or waiting on the guidance of the Holy Spirit to see if it is something I should do. Everything that looks really good isn’t always the best for you. The Holy Spirit knows exactly what I need at exactly the right time to help me make any number of huge decisions for my life.


I think of something that happened to me in the early 1980’s.  My husband had been laid off work during a really bad recession and we had been going through a very hard time financially. He took whatever work he could find to help support our family. We had two very small children, and I was not working at the time. Well yes, I was working very hard but not getting paid any money for it.

I was getting desperate to find a way for me to make money from home so that I could help out until my husband could find another good job. I came across an ad in a paper about stuffing envelopes from home. The person who wrote it did a good job because I could just imagine all the hundreds of dollars I would be making as I contributed to our family finances.

The article was vague about what would actually be in the envelopes you would stuff, but by then I was hooked. My husband tried to tell me that it was a scam, but did I believe him? – NO.

Desperation will make you think very irrationally and use all your resources to try to justify what you are doing as something that will make the horrible situation better.

I sent off for information on the job of stuffing envelopes and got another really well written sales pitch. By this time I was so desperate that I sent them the $13 they were asking for (which was almost all the money I had) so they could start to send me the envelopes to stuff. There was no email and filling out a form online with instant results back then, so I had to wait a few excruciating days for my envelopes to stuff.

I finally received a letter from them, and guess what, it had exactly the same sales pitch that the first letter had. There was no envelope to stuff to make even $1 of my money back. I had lost all $13 which I could have used to buy baby formula and diapers.

I still remember the extremely nauseated feeling I had when I opened the envelope and knew I had fallen for a scam. I felt even worse knowing that I had sent them my husband’s hard earned money. He didn’t get too mad at me because I guess he knew that I was trying to help in whatever way I could.

If I had prayed about the envelope situation, I know that God would have shown me that I needed to trust Him to meet my needs  instead of trying to find my own way out of a desperate situation. He would most likely have answered my prayer in a different way than I could have imagined, but His answer would have been much better than the one I got from the “envelope stuffing company.”

I don’t know about you, but I want to let God be my strength for each day so that I can truly walk in His Power and have His Anointing on my life.

Don’t be content to eat cobwebs when you can have all the succulent foods from His table. It might take a little longer for His Answer, but “HOW SWEET IT IS” to walk with Him each day and be a vessel He can use to carry out His Kingdom Work!

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God has radically changed my life, and I want to share the awesome things I am learning with you. I have found that the Holy Spirit is an awesome teacher when I listen to, obey, and apply what He teaches to my life.


This post written by Cathy Deaton.

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