My sobering word picture about prayer or the lack of it!



This is a sobering word picture that the Holy Spirit revealed to me about what might happen if I don’t take prayer seriously. I never want to be guilty of doing this if someone is depending on me to intercede on their behalf.

This is the scenario the Holy Spirit showed me:

  • A close friend calls to tell me she is in desperate need of prayer for a certain situation that is critical and needs God’s immediate intervention.
  • I know that she has also told others of her prayer need because she wants as many people praying as possible. The problem is that I was really busy at the time and promised myself I would pray intently for the request as soon as I finished my important task. But I ended up forgetting her request until many hours later because of my busyness.
  • It would be easy for me to assume that because lots of people had been asked to pray that they stopped what they were doing and took the time right then to pray for her critical need.
  • But what if everyone else was busy and decided to put off praying until they had finished the immediate task at hand; then they also ended up forgetting to pray until many hours later like I did.
  • So my friend ended up being all alone in her struggle when she had taken the time to ask me and others to intercede and believed that we all would make it a priority to pray to God on her behalf.

I don’t know about you, but when I call another person and ask for prayer, it is always because I need God to give me an answer or handle the problem. I am not in the habit of asking others to spend their time praying for trivial things, and I don’t just ask anyone to pray for me.

The next time someone asks you to pray about a personal and urgent thing, remember to take it seriously. You might be the only one who does.

None of us can see things the way God does, and even though we know that prayer is the most powerful thing we could ever do for another person we usually spend much less time actually praying than thinking or talking about the situation.

It takes discipline and even a bit of stubbornness to make the time to really pray for the needs of others, but it is worth it when you start to see God answer your prayers by turning an impossible situation into a miracle.

Make time to spend each day interceding for the needs of others and let God use you to make a real difference for His Kingdom. You will never regret time spent in prayer because it will always reap huge dividends.

This post written by Cathy Deaton.

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