Read these Facts about the Magnificent Body God Gave You!

I got the following information from the Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago website. It is very fascinating stuff and reminds me of how great God is.

He made man in a marvelous way. Our bodies are built so well that they can take abuse sometimes for years before finally giving in to sickness. Then when we change our lifestyle and start to concentrate on healthy living, many times the body will repair itself.

It is totally amazing at how complex God made you and me.

How can thousands of blood vessels all work together in perfect order for the heart to beat correctly 24 hours a day?

How can we have a small intestine that is 20 to 23 feet long and a large one 5 feet that works in perfect order for the food we eat to move smoothly through, with the body taking the nutrients it needs and the rest going to the correct place to be disposed of?

How can the brain know exactly what the body needs at any time and either make corrections or send an impulse for a certain thing to happen?

We are wonderfully and magnificently made, and no man could have ever been smart enough to do that. Only the one true Living God could have done it. He made the world and everything in it perfectly.


More than half the bones in your body are located in your hands and feet.

There is enough iron in the human body to make one small nail.

Women blink almost twice as much as men.

A sneeze can exceed the speed of 100 mph.

An average human drinks about 16,000 gallons of water in a lifetime.

Beards are the fastest growing hair. If the average man never trimmed his beard, it could grow to 30 feet over the course of his lifetime.

Every person has a unique tongue print.

Fingernails grow faster than toenails and your middle fingernail is the quickest one to grow. It takes about 150 days to grow out a full length fingernail.

Your brain continues to send out electrical wave signals approximately 37 hours after death.

The nervous system transmits messages to the brain at speeds of 180 miles per hour.

The human nose can remember 50,000 different smells.

The human eye can detect more than 10,000,000 different colors!

Your jawbone is the hardest bone in your body.

When you were born, you had 350 bones in your body, and after childhood 144 of these bones fused together.

Your brain stops growing when you are about 15 years old.

Laughing and coughing put more pressure on the spine than walking or standing.

Your stomach produces a new lining every 3 days in order to avoid digesting itself in its own production of acid.

About every seven years, your body replaces the equivalent of an entirely new skeleton.

The spinal cord is less then two feet in length and is the same diameter as your index finger, yet it contains over 10 billion nerve cells.

Blood type A can receive blood types A & O safely. Blood type B can receive types B & O. Blood type O can receive only O blood but are “universal donors” because O is acceptable to all other blood types. Blood type O is the most common blood type worldwide.

The eye muscle is the fastest reacting muscle of the whole body. It contracts in less than 1/100th of a second.

It takes approximately 200,000 frowns to create one permanent brow line.

Your eyesight is the sharpest in the middle of the day.

A picture of all the blood vessels in the human hand

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