Silver Is Valuable, But It Keeps The Gold From Being 100% Pure

The main ancient process of parting gold from its impurities was to use common salt as the most active ingredient. The gold was melted in a cauldron. When it got to a certain temperature, the salt was added. The salt reacted with the impurities and they rose to the surface so they could be skimmed off easily. What was left was the pure gold.

The interesting thing was that silver was a part of the impurities that were skimmed off from the pure gold. There is a huge spiritual lesson to be learned from this fact.

When God gave instructions to Moses for building the Tabernacle, silver was next in importance to gold in the precious metals that were to be used.

If you have been a Christian for any length of time, you have heard of the “gold as a refinement” example of how God works in our lives to remove those things that hinder us from being used by Him. But many times we only think of this refinement as removing something that is bad, like a bad habit or habitual sin that holds us in bondage.

But maybe your life has been more like mine.

I have always considered myself a good person by trying to do good things. I never got into a lot of trouble growing up, never intentionally rebelled against my parents for a long time, or never got hooked on alcohol or drugs. I do admit that I was a huge people-pleaser, so that is probably why I always wanted to do good things. I wanted everyone to like me.

The example of silver being removed as a dross in the refinement process is huge from a spiritual standpoint.

The silver is a great thing, but it keeps the gold from being 100% pure. Because of this, silver is a dross in the refinement process.

quote gold refined silver as dross

In the same way, God wants your life to be one that only reflects the true gold – Him. So He removes the silver with the other dross because He never wants those “good things” to sidetrack you and keep you from having His Best.

Each day is full of choices to be made for the best use of your time. But sometimes it’s hard to know if you are seeking for the gold or settling for the silver.

The only way to know is to start seeking God and His Desires with your whole heart. The Holy Spirit came to reside in your life the moment you truly accepted Jesus as Your Savior and the only way to Heaven. He desires to lead you in making the everyday small decisions, and the huge life-changing decisions. You will never go wrong if you make the choice to trust His guidance.

If you want to live a life that truly makes a difference – this is that life!

The Holy Spirit will reveal the dross that has accumulated in your life – whether it be bad things that have turned into strongholds, or good things that take all your time by keeping you from the best things.

I must admit that God has removed a lot of “silver dross” from my life. I had chosen good things to fill my time and calendar – church, school, and community events. These things kept my days full, but I never asked God if they were things He wanted me to do.

I finally realized that God didn’t want me to give up these things entirely, He just wanted me to allow Him to show me which ones I needed to do. That way He could Bless whatever I did.

Sometimes good (silver) things are just as hard to give up as bad things. They can also create a huge stronghold in your life – at least that is what happened to me.

  • The hardest thing for me at first was to quit doing something that I knew was a good thing. I didn’t think God telling me to quit was a good enough reason. Thankfully I got over that and learned that is the BEST reason for quitting something.
  • I knew many people wouldn’t understand why I wasn’t doing this good thing. They had always been in the “do good things” boat with me and didn’t want me to leave.
  • Then there was the immense guilt I felt because others now had to take on the extra load.
  • Unfortunately, being a people-pleaser, I worried more about what others thought than what God thought. I am thankful that I have made much progress in getting rid of the chains and shackles that being a people-pleaser forces upon you.

When you seek God first, the impurities in your life will be forced to the surface. You will be aware of sins that you didn’t know about, and sins that you have never dealt with will now make you miserable. When these sins are revealed, you can then skim them away like dross and be rid of the excessive weight that has been dragging you down.

It truly is an awesome feeling when that weight has been lifted.

I wouldn’t consider the following a good thing I gave up, but it is an example of how the Holy Spirit will work in your life. I got hooked on soap operas as a young stay-at-home mother. In the early 1980s we only had a few channels to watch, and everyone I knew had a certain “program” they watched daily and talked about it all the time as if the characters were real.

As I started to really seek God I was still watching soap operas, but I started to feel physically and spiritually dirty every time I watched an episode. I realized that they were dragging me down and stopped watching them. To this day, I remember how dirty I felt and don’t like to watch any program that is morally questionable. It still makes me feel dirty and miserable. This is an example of what the Holy Spirit will do in your life if you allow Him to work.

The refining process removes that which is secondarily precious – silver – to purify that which is most precious.

The more you seek God, the more your life will be refined to resemble the pure gold that is left after the dross is removed.

The refiner knows the gold is pure when he can see his reflection in it. God desires you to live so that others can see His reflection instead of your own as it shines brightly in your life.

title gold refined silver as dross

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