Swallow Your Pride And Apologize. You’ll Feel Much Better!

In this day of email, instant message, texting, and all the other devices we have that help us to communicate quickly, it is easy to get to the point that you just do everything electronically to save time. You can bank online, shop online, and do many other things that don’t require interacting with another person. All these can be good and help you to stay organized and efficient, but sometimes you just need to do things face to face.

There have been people that have received “pink slips” through email telling them they were laid off from their job. I have even¬† heard of one person breaking up with another through email or instant message. I guess we have just gotten to the point that we would rather send someone a message with bad news rather than tell it to them in person. That way we don’t have to do anything face to face.

Even though great things can be accomplished with electronic devices, some things should always be done in person. The photo below is an example:


I hope this is not a real form that anybody has ever used to apologize with. I have no clue who its originator is, but I don’t think I would be convinced that the person who sent it was truly sorry for what they had done if all they could do was send me this form and not tell me in person.

God convicts us of our sin against another so that we can swallow our pride, go to them, ask forgiveness, and get our own heart cleansed and pure from sin. There are some things that you can’t take a shortcut with.

The next time you do something to hurt another’s feelings, as quickly as possible swallow your pride and tell them you are sorry. You will feel much better for having been honest and it will help you to be more careful about what you say and do in the future. There is no better feeling than having a clear conscience.

We all do things we regret, and the other person can probably understand that because they have been there at some point also. In the end, they will respect you much more if you can admit your wrongs to them in person.

They can tell how sincere you are by the tone of your voice, unlike checking a block in a form.

If you always do the right thing, you will have much peace in your life. Let the Holy Spirit lead and guide you each day and you will have a much less chance of saying or doing something that hurts the feelings of another. If you do need to defend yourself or confront, He will give you the right words to say in a way that you won’t regret after you have thought about it at a later time.

Let God be in control of your words and you will have much more peace each day!

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