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Have you ever had one of those times when you had a huge revelation from God that you understood so clearly it changed the way you looked at that particular thing forever? That happened to me regarding the subject of patience.

The father in heaven is so interested in His child, and so longs to have his life at every step in His will and His love, that He is willing to keep His guidance entirely in His own hand. He knows so well that we are unable to do what is really holy and heavenly, except as He works it in us, that He means His very demands to become promises of what He will do, in watching over and leading us all the day. Not only in special difficulties and times of perplexity, but in the common course of everyday life, we may count upon Him to teach us His way, and show us His path. And what is needed in us to receive this guidance? One thing: waiting for instructions, waiting on God.   -30 day devotional from Andrew Murray called Waiting on God-

When I read the above passage all I could say was “WOW!” as the Holy Spirit gave me a dramatic and startling revelation about what it really means to wait on God – at least it was very dramatic and startling to me.

I already knew that I must acquire much patience if I truly wanted to follow God, because He works in His own way and has His own timing for prayers to be answered or things He desires to happen. Even though I tried to practice it, I can’t say that I had gotten to the point that I enjoyed patiently waiting for God to work. (When I was younger I was one of the most impatient people who ever lived. When I wanted something I wanted it NOW!)

But after I read the paragraph above, I realized that patiently walking in sync with God is a truly awesome and supernatural thing that will enable Him to use you in ways you never imagined.

God knows that I am not capable of doing anything holy or heavenly in my own power. But He so wants me to walk in His Power that He is willing to slow down to my pace so that every step I make can be one that is anointed by Him and fueled by His Power.

For many years now I have asked the Holy Spirit to lead me to make decisions for everyday life. It is the greatest thing I have ever experienced next to my salvation, and an awesome feeling to know that you don’t have to make a critical decision without God’s help. But to be truthful, I still didn’t understand the power of walking step by step in total sync with Him.

Oh what joy and peace we miss when we neglect to do this each day!

Here is a personal example of something I have been dealing with so maybe you can have a better understanding of what I am referring to.

I have gone through some tough times where I did wait on God but didn’t understand the awesome power of walking in sync with Him. I just found myself crying out to Him until He answered in some way, and refused to do anything until He told me how to proceed. Truthfully, I didn’t know how to proceed in these instances, but I am thankful I didn’t try to take matters into my own hands. I’m sure I would have gone in the wrong direction and made things worse in the end.

Below is an example of something I have gone through that I would classify as an everyday occurrence when you try to walk in sync with God in the way that Andrew Murray describes above:

I know the Holy Spirit revealed to me that I need to do a certain thing in the future; but I don’t know certain details yet, such as when and how to start, or the exact direction in which I should go. I have been extremely burdened because I know the Holy Spirit told me to do this, but I don’t want to miss His timing or walk in disobedience and somehow miss His direction.

I realize now that I have spent way too much time stressed over the fact that I haven’t received an exact answer yet. God does have a particular time for me to start this project, and if I make it my top priority to walk each day in alignment with the Holy Spirit, I won’t miss His direction and guidance on when to start and exactly what to do.

I have been so worried about missing His direction that I missed the awesome joy and total peace of walking step by step with Him each day, leaving the outcome and anointing totally up to Him for this particular thing.

This is so simple, but it took me a long time to finally GET IT. There is no way I will miss His timing if I make it a point to walk with in sync with Him step by step each day.

God please forgive me for having my own agenda so many times while thinking I know best when I usually have no idea what you are up to.

From now on I have decided to write all my questions or things I am waiting on in a notebook and place them before God, knowing the Holy Spirit will give total clarity when the time is right to act. I don’t want to waste another minute of my time worrying about something I can’t control.

God loves us so much that He wants everything we do to be saturated with His Power and Anointing, but we must let Him do the leading and trust Him with the outcome. Let’s decide together to give up our own agenda and be constantly amazed at how He chooses to work things out in our lives!

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God has radically changed my life, and I want to share the awesome things I am learning with you. I have found that the Holy Spirit is an awesome teacher when I listen to, obey, and apply what He teaches to my life.


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