You MUST Impact The World Instead Of Letting It Impact You!


You must impact the world instead of letting it impact you. Daily renewing your Mind in Christ brings about a total and lasting transformation.

Romans 12: 2

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

We all have to live in this world, have a job here, and raise our family here. Every aspect of our lives is carried on while we live here.

The Bible specifically tells us that we are to live here, but we should not conform to the values and morals of the world. We are to let God renew us so we can think and act differently than the rest of the world.

God has a plan for your life and He wants you to concentrate on what His plan is and not let others keep you from accomplishing what He desires. When He transforms your mind, your sights will be set on new things you have never thought of before. Others will tell you that the “impossible” can never be accomplished, and if you listen to them God won’t be able to use you to make a lasting difference.

He wants to do a supernatural work among His people, but He does not work in the same way we might think things should be done. He has His own plan of action that will make a huge impact for better things in the future.

Imagine how our world would be today if people like John Wesley, Martin Luther, Dwight Moody, and Charles Surgeon had listened to and been swayed by the opinions of others instead of walking in obedience to what God told them to do. He never could have used them to impact the world in the way that He did.

Christians must be the ones who make a huge impact on the world and not the other way around, though many times we fall short in doing so. We will never fall short if we listen to God and walk in obedience to Him. It might not be easy, but it certainly will be worth it in the long run.

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God has radically changed my life, and I want to share the awesome things I am learning with you. I have found that the Holy Spirit is an awesome teacher when I listen to, obey, and apply what He teaches to my life.


This post written by Cathy Deaton.

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My name is Cathy Deaton, Owner of Fan the Flame Ministries. God has radically changed my life, and He has shown me that I am to share the awesome things I am learning with the Millennial Generation (1981 – 1996), but I love connecting with Christians of all ages.  I have found that the Holy Spirit is an awesome teacher when I listen to, obey, and apply what He teaches to my life. You truly can make a difference for God in an uncertain world.